Javier Alvarez: Temazcal  [for maracas and tape]
Georges Aphergis: Le Corps a Corps  [for speaking percussionist and his zarb]
Mark Applebaum: Narcissus: Strata/Panacae  [for marimba]
Mark Applebaum: Entre Funerailles II  [for vibraphone]
Larry Baker: Rain Music  [for marimba]
Richard R. Bennett: After Syrinx II  [for marimba]
Luciano Berio: Sequenza Nr. I  [transcription for marimba]
Achim C. Bornhöft: venice in private  [for percussion and tape]
John Cage: Child of Tree  [for cactus and plant material]
John Cage: Composed Improvisation  [for snare drum]
Kyong Mee Choi: Sublimation  [ for marimba and tape]
Jacob Druckman: Reflections on the Nature of Water  [for marimba]
Gerald Eckert: nor  [for percussion solo (different metal and wood instruments, thunder sheet) written for Johannes Fischer]
Morton Feldman: The King of Denmark  [for percussion solo, played only with hands / arms]
Brian Ferneyhough: Bone Alphabet  [for 7 small percussion instruments]
Vinko Globokar: Toucher  [for speaking percussionist and small instruments]
Vinko Globokar: Dialog über Erde  [for sounds in and outside water]
Vinko Globokar: Ombre  [for singing percussionist, tape and drum computer]
Vinko Globokar: ?Corporel  [for percussionist on his body]
Fritz Hauser: Die Klippe  [for marimba and cymbals]
Rozalie Hirs: article 0: transarctic Buddha  [ for tuned stones, vibraphone, glockenspiel and several bells]
Toshio Hosokawa: Reminiscence  [for marimba]
Nicolaus A. Huber: Clash Music  [for a pair of cymbals]
Nicolaus A. Huber: dasselbe ist nicht dasselbe  [for snare drum]
David Lang: Anvil Chorus  [for a pair of cymbals]
Thomas Lauck: Anschläge für B.A.V.  [for small percussion instruments]
Rene Leibowitz: Trois Caprices  [for vibraphone]
J. M. Lopez-Lopez: Calculo Secreto  [for vibraphone]
Alvin Lucier: Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra  [for amplified triangel]
Dieter Mack: Telu  [for different hand drums, small tam-tams and large chinese drum]
Askell Masson: Prim  [for snare drum]
Chikashi Miyama: Papyrus  [for a sheet of paper and live electronics]
Younghi Pagh-Paan: Ta-Ryong IV  [for several drums, special mallets]
Anthony Pateras: Hypnagogics  [for 25 micro-instruments, crotales and tape]
Matthias Pintscher: nemeton  [for different wood and metal instruments, marimba]
Stuart Smith: Links 1-3  [for vibraphone]
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Zyklus  [percussion solo with lots of different instruments]
James Tenney: KOAN: Having Never Written a Note  [for tam-tam]
Bernd Thewes: subcode  [for paper percussion]
Eugene Ughetti: Occult Tapestries  [for vibraphone]
Eugene Ughetti: Frenetic Fantasy Etude  [for snare drum and tape]
Rolf Wallin: Purge  [for vibprahone, marimba, several drums and woodblocks and tape]
James Wood: Rogosanti  [for skin, wood and metal instruments, large javanese gong]
Christian Wolff: Piece March No. 2  [for snare drum]
Bernhard Wulff: Abgesang einer Feldlerche  [for small instruments, musical saw and tape]
Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds  [for several drums and woodblocks]
Iannis Xenakis: Psappha  [for several drums, metals and wooden instruments]

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